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HA C81 v. Other substitute census records include:. F J4 and names 1, persons who were living in Virginia at that time; it also lists four generations of descendants of those settlers.

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The records of the Virginia Land Office, which oversaw land transactions in the colonial era, are located at the Library of Virginia , which has now made many of those records available online. A description of the records may be found on the Library of Virginia's website. During most of the seventeenth century and until approximately , the "headright" system was the common method of obtaining land in Virginia. Each individual who paid the transportation costs of an emigrant received fifty acres of land.

The term "headright" refers both to the imported person and the claim. Headright lists constitute almost the only record of early emigration to Virginia. NOTE: The patent was not necessarily issued the year the immigrant arrived.

Use Land Records to Research AROUND the 1890 Census in Genealogy

The headright system was not used in the Northern Neck the area lying between the Potomac and the Rappahannock rivers. Beginning in , land grants in the Northern Neck were issued by agents and maintained separately.

The abstracts of land grants from to are published in the supplement to Cavaliers and Pioneers. Before , the arrival of immigrants was not documented. Very few authentic records of passenger arrivals in Virginia exist. The list of headrights mentioned above constitutes a record of immigrants, but it does not give the date or place of origin or arrival or the name of the ship. Not all headrights were immigrants, and some arrived long before the patentee entered the claim for the land. The VMHC has a variety of materials related to military history, but it doesn't have copies of the service records of individuals, often called "compiled service records.

The Library of Virginia has microfilm copies of the compiled service records for Virginians in Confederate forces during the Civil War. The following published materials, available in the VMHC reading room, include registers of Virginians who served in various wars.

Virginia Biographies

they can be shown from the records of the Census. CMice. h the .. Summary of populut~on oj Virginia, by counties: COUNTY. Madison, Henry. On the family group record show each person's census listings. . See Census page , Shenandoah County, Virginia for digital copies of HeritageQuest provides images of all surviving to federal censuses, and indexes to Madison • Mathews • Mecklenburg • Middlesex • Montgomery • Nelson • New.

Microfilm copies of military service records for Virginians who fought in the Civil War are located at the Library of Virginia. These records often include such information as date and place of enlistment, date of birth, occupation, and listing of wartime duties. The VMHC has a limited number of wills in its collection. They can be searched under the subject heading "wills" followed by the name of the county. F T There are a few omissions in Torrence, and the Library of Virginia has a card file of these.

World Population Review

Virginia wills during the period —65 are listed in Index to Virginia Estates, — compiled by Wesley E. Pippenger Virginia Genealogical Society, Ref. F P Wills are county records and are on microfilm at the Library of Virginia. A card index to Virginia marriages and obituaries from Virginia newspapers, —, is located in the reading room at the far end of the card catalog.

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The drawers have yellow labels. This index is approximately 50 percent complete. Genealogical information is copied in full on the cards. Published indexes to marriages and obituaries in Virginia newspapers are shelved together in the reading room next to the Swem Index. Microfilm copies of all county court records wills, deeds, marriage bonds, and court orders are at the Library of Virginia.

Many court records, however, have been abstracted and published. In the reading room, there is a separate card index for all entries in Bibles in our collection. The index is in the last row of the card catalogs.

Patrons can check the online catalog for Bible records by conducting a search with the surname entered as "smith family" in the subject box, with the phrase "bible records" in the keyword box. It should be noted, however, that Bible records have not been digitized and thus are not available for online viewing. Some researchers have donated research notes to us, which are often cataloged with our manuscript collections. Wilhoite Oct 15, He served in the Revolution pensioned. They moved to to Jefferson Co.

KY now Bullitt Co. In they moved with some of their children to "Shakertown, Mercer Co. The birth and death dates are from the Shaker Society Records. They had 12 children. Thomas Shirley born say twin lived in Madison Co.

Enumerated as taxable in Culpeper Co in and ; Died intestate. He was a bachelor and owned approximately slaves and the largest farm in Madison Co. VA comprising of 48, acres. Davis, p. Robert Oliver was tax delinquent on forty-two thousand acres of land which was bought by the Shirleys.

By there were farms in Madison County. Eighty five of these contained over five hundred acres; seventeen, over a thousand acres; five, over two thousand acres; three over five thousand acres; and one, owned by Thomas Shirley contained about fifty thousand acres. The average farm in contained three hundred and five acres. Thomas Shirley began accumulating land in Legend says that Thomas Shirley and his brother Zachariah received their first land as a result of the murder of their father.

It seems Mr. Shirley [James branch 21] was an alcoholic and two young men of the neighborhood saw Mr. Shirley fall down in an alcoholic stupor. The boys tortured Mr. Shirley until they realized he was near death. Thomas and Zachariah Shirley frequently went to look for their father to take him home. When they found him on this occasion, he was conscious enough to tell them the names of his torturers before he died.

The Shirleys notified the father of the two young men and told him the sheriff would be called and the boys charged with murder. The father, realizing what the outcome of the action of his sons would be, offered the Shirley brothers all his possessions and promised to move West if the Shirley's would not notify the sheriff.

Since Mr. Shirley was dead and the family in financial need, Thomas and Zachariah accepted the offer. The man deeded his land to the Shirleys and moved his family West and they were never heard of afterwards. Thomas Shirley eventually became the largest land owner ever to live in Madison County.

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He died about Chancery suits in settling Thomas Shirley's estate were not completed until and they are considered among the the most famous law suits in Virginia history. Thomas Shirley owned many distilleries and he marketed his whiskey in Fredericksburg. Reportedly the output of the distilleries was so great that teams of oxen were kept on the road to and from Fredericksburg hauling the liquor to market.

The extra find liquor was hauled as far Philadelphia.

Genealogy & Local History

These journeys are credited with bringing the first bananas and goats to Madison County. Tom Shirley owned so much personal property that it took ten days of auctioning to sell it after his death. Nancy Shirley born Mar 27, She died July 19, They moved to Oldham Co. KY about Absolom Shirley he apparently died before date of wife's remarriage.

Elizabeth Shirley. Kentucky's estimated population of 4. Kentucky currently has a population growth rate of 0. Kentucky's population density is currently Still, most decades during the 20th century have seen a net out-migration from Kentucky, and rural counties have experienced a loss while urban areas have gained in population.

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Interestingly, the urban versus rural population of Kentucky remains fairly equal, although poverty is far more rampant in the rural areas of the state. Kentucky is fairly densely filled and from a total surface area of 40, square miles, , square kilometers , there is an average of around people per square mile, or This makes Kentucky the 22nd most densely populated state in the US. The largest city in Kentucky by population is Louisville. The largest county in Kentucky by population is Jefferson County.