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People have critical needs for reliable and timely information to help make the decision that will lead to a safer, more secure world. ChoicePoint delivers this promise to thousands of people every day in business and government, nonprofit organizations, and to consumers.

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ChoicePoint's compelling solutions can impact the future and help make the world a safer place. Spun off from Equifax Inc. After numerous acquisitions during its short history, the company has streamlined itself around the core areas of data collection and information brokering. Background checks, motor vehicle reports, property inspections, and drug screening are just a few of the services ChoicePoint provides to many of the nation's leading businesses.

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The ChoicePoint story begins with credit report giant Equifax Inc. The publicly traded billion-dollar company compiled and maintained credit information on more than million credit cardholders around the globe by the late s.

Originally founded at the end of the 19th century by brothers Cator and Guy Woolford to gather information for their Merchants Guide, the firm officially became Equifax in Equifax, which stood for "equitability in the gathering and presentation of facts," grew exponentially in the remaining years of the s and into the s.

By the late s Equifax ruled the information-compilation industry, but was not without its detractors.

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By this time in its corporate life, Equifax was no stranger to controversy and had decided to divest itself of any noncore or nonfinancial assets. Choicepoint Background Check What are background checks? In six years the company had transformed itself from an Equifax subsidiary to one of the most powerful and increasingly successful information brokers in the world. Found it. Hired in to clean up Florida's voter registration lists after a fraudulent mayoral election, DBT was supposed to "purge" the lists of deceased citizens, duplicates, and convicted felons. LNSSI was founded to provide government agencies with global sources of data fusion technology and analytics.

While gathering information had always riled privacy rights proponents, Equifax did make some questionable moves in its stellar climb to the top of the information industry. Its Insurance Information Services group, which assisted health, life, property, and casualty insurers in the investigation of potential clients, was losing its way, and Derek V.

Smith, who had been with the company since , took over the ailing division in By this time in its corporate life, Equifax was no stranger to controversy and had decided to divest itself of any noncore or nonfinancial assets.

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It had already negotiated to sell its healthcare and direct marketing units, skirmished with California lottery officials, faced multiple lawsuits over privacy rights, and run into trouble with a new acquisition called CDB Infotek Inc. Once the decision was made to spin off the insurance group, Equifax approached New York-based Kroll Associates in early to become part of the spinoff and merge into the new ChoicePoint. Unfortunately for both parties, executives could not agree on several salient points.

How convicted felons can slip through safety net

Under Section of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, consumer reporting agencies that use public records – such as criminal arrest and. [X] Criminal records – Felony & Misdemeanor - At all addresses for 7 years. [X] Statewide Repository – Search statewide database for felony & misdemeanor.

CDB had been accused of violating privacy protection rights in early for allegedly selling voter registration lists to bill collectors it is illegal to sell voter registration information commercially. The lawsuit was filed by Aristotle Publishing Inc.

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Meanwhile, millions more Americans now also have a criminal record. In fact, one in five adults in the United States has a misdemeanor or felony record that will show up on a routine criminal background check.

State and federal laws regulate hundreds of jobs, and their number has been increasing especially since September 11th. For example, nearly three million truck drivers who have a license haul hazardous material now have to be screened for the first time by the Transportation Security. Please note that the 50 states of the United States adopt different laws and. The ASA list of offenses below is not intended. Other convictions, accusations, charges or facts should be. Information received through the above-authorized background checks is strictly confidential.

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Unless I so. Search Search this site:. Documents originate from a variety of sources, including: Federal fugitive files State and county criminal record repositories ChoicePoint proprietary record information Prison parole and release files Parole records Records from various state agencies Information returned in the ChoicePoint reports, include: Name Social Security number Address at time of event Locality of event Offense Charge type Disposition For more information on Criminal Record research see: Rapsheets.

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