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He, at one point, believed that he got a bad grade on a mathematics test when he tickled his brain by sticking an army man's rifle into his nose and accidentally puncturing a lobe. Stewie is the youngest Griffin family member at one year old. Stewie originally served as the main villain of the show. Though he was originally an antagonistic child-genius sociopath, hell-bent on killing his mother and taking over the world, in more recent episodes he is a much more friendly yet flamboyant and possibly homosexual character, though nonetheless still rambunctious and disrespecting towards his elders and peers.

Stewie is considered to be the show's breakout character.

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Brian has lived with the Griffin family since Peter picked him up as a stray. Peter is his best friend, despite Brian's superior intelligence. Brian is often the voice of reason for the family, frequently reminding Peter how stupid or corrupt his ideas are. He also has a very close friendship with Stewie, and the two of them have been at the center of some of the most critically acclaimed episodes during the series, most notably the Road to Seth MacFarlane has once described Brian as "a dog who has a wit as dry as the martinis he drinks.

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Brian was temporarily killed off , after he was hit by a car in the season 12 episode " Life of Brian ". Brian however, returned two episodes later, in " Christmas Guy ", after Stewie went back in time to save him.

In his brief absence Brian was replaced by another dog named Vinny, who was voiced by Tony Sirico and was never seen again after Brian's return [40] until the Season 15 premiere, " The Boys in the Band ", where he makes a cameo. Peter Griffin Jr. His grave is seen in " The Juice Is Loose ".

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Peter shook him until he stopped crying, killing him. In an attempt to comfort Lois he explains, if he shook him enough he would stop crying.

Family Guy look at my kids

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people called Griffin, see Griffin surname. The Griffin family. Main article: Peter Griffin. Main article: Lois Griffin. Main article: Meg Griffin. Main article: Chris Griffin. Main article: Stewie Griffin.

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And as a bonus, I'm going to identify when it's Shatner and when it's his stunt double, Fred Lubins. Let's watch. That's Lubins. And that's Shatner. And that's Lubins. That's Shatner.

And that's Shatner, but when I freeze-frame you can clearly see Lubins' coffee cup sitting on that rock! Girl : Oh, totally. Any questions? Leave me alone! Teacher : Thank you, Neil, for that incredibly irrelevant presentation. We all know Captain Picard is the superior officer. It's like there's this incredibly benevolent force that wants me to know there's no reason to be afraid. Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world it makes my heart burst.

Do you have any idea how complicated your circulatory system is? Meg Griffin : I just want to kill myself! I'm going upstairs right now and eat a whole bowl of peanuts! Meg Griffin : I'm allergic to peanuts! Meg Griffin : You don't know anything about me! Peter Griffin : Who was that guy? Well, no one crosses Neil Goldman and gets away with it!

Neil Goldman : I added a little something to your coffee that I don't think you're going to like. Neil Goldman : Here's your coffee, Mr. Neil Goldman : Sweet'N Low! That's for trying to steal my woman! Tom Tucker : Go back and bring it to me with urine in it like I asked! When Naomi and her husband are killed in a traffic pileup on the freeway, Lois is faced with the dilemma of what to do with the pregnancy, and consents to a visit to the local family counseling center.

The one-liners, ungrounded in the best of times, now teeter dangerously close to nastiness. McFarlane admitted as much at Comic-Con in July. The event was a publicity stunt to drum up support for the Emmy run, and the audience was mainly Academy of Television Arts and Sciences voters and VIP guests. Look for the episode on the DVD release after the rest of the season airs.