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Washington Jail Practices Put At-Risk Inmates In More Danger, Not Less

Cowlitz County Jail Inmate List. Cowlitz County Inmates - mobile. Recent Arrests - Cowlitz County. Daily Arrest Log. Recent Releases - Cowlitz County. Washington State Prison Inmates. Arrest Warrants — Washington. Washington Felons - Criminal Search. ICE Detainee Locator.

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Cowlitz County Washington Jail Roster, Booking and Releases. Inmates. Current Roster. Export Options. CopyCSVExcelPDFPrint. Search. Go to Site Search As the only detention center in Cowlitz County, we serve Longview, Kelso, with the Washington State Department of Corrections to house inmates who violate the terms of their post conviction supervision agreement.

BOP Inmate Search pre Washington State Patrol Most Wanted. Washingtons Most Wanted - Facebook. Inland Northwest Crimestoppers Most Wanted.

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Jefferson County Sheriff Arrest Warrants. Washington - Deadbeat Parents. Vancouver Police Department Unsolved Homicides. Search through the names of the people in in jail and see current charges filed against the people in jail as well recent indictments.

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View the inmate booking numbers, see arrest dates, and the inmates assigned arrest number. Located in South Bend, WA. View the inmate arrest details and find all the charges for each inmate. Look to see if the person in jail can be bailed out or if their case has been assigned no bail. Look for the people charged with felonies and look for violent offenders. Located in Newport, WA. Pierce County Inmate List — Want to see if there is someone you know currently in jail? Find the complete list of inmates booked into the Pierce county jail.

Look through the inmate details and see which facility they are currently being held in. Look through the charges and see the severity of the crimes they have committed and the amount of bail required to get them released. Located in Tacoma, WA. Skagit County Jail Roster — Look through the Skagit county jail roster for all the inmates in jail and get updated rosters every 15 minutes.

Search the jail roster for people who have been arrested within the last 24 hours. Look through the list of charges for each inmate to see what crimes are being committed near and around where you live. Located in Mt Vernon, WA. Snohomish County Sheriffs Office — Need to find information about an inmate currently being detained in the Snohomish county jail?

Located in Everett, WA. Spokane County Inmate Roster — Look through all the current names of people in jail.

Find out if there is someone you know in jail. Look to see if anyone you saw in jail has been released. Find all the arrest details for each person in jail.

Look to see what crimes have been committed in your neighborhood. View the amount of bail set to have someone released from jail. Located in Spokane, WA.

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Search for the people arrested within the last hours. View all the arrest details and see if there is a bail amount set for the person in jail. Find the inmate booking ID numbers and the arresting agency. Review the inmates charges and see if there are any felony or misdemeanor charges. Located in Coleville, WA. Thurston County Jail Roster — Want to see mugshot pictures for the people in jail?

Look for people you know or family members that have been recently arrested and placed in the Thurston county jail. Find out the seriousness of the charges they are facing and if there is a chance they can make bail.

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During the nine days leading up to her death, Kronberger exhibited signs of heroin withdrawal, including vomiting and diarrhea. Requirements to visit someone in jail The main requirement that is needed is valid identification which can be your state id or passport. If you're wanting to visit you can't have a felony and government ID must be up to date. Cowlitz County Inmates - mobile. Kittitas County Sheriff Most Wanted. Most Wanted Worldwide.

Find arrest details and inmate booking numbers, and current inmate case status. Whatcom County Booking List — Find out who was a recently arrested and see who has been recently released from the Whatcom county jail.


Search for inmates by jail bookings, look for people in jail by the date of the arrest, view jail releases, or search for the complete list of people in jail. Find all charges filed and bail information. Located in Bellingham, WA.