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Affect an arrest, forcibly if necessary using handcuffs and other restraints; Subdue resisting subjects using hands and feet while employing defensive tactic; maneuvers or approved non-lethal weapons and pursue fleeing suspects on foot both day and night in unfamiliar terrain. Climb over obstacles; climb through openings; Conduct searches of buildings and large outdoor areas which may involve walking and standing for long periods of time.

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Perform tasks which require lifting, carrying or dragging people or heavy objects while performing arrest; rescue or general patrol functions. Also may include the seizure or impound of property and evidence Communicate verbally and efficiently by listening to people and by giving information, direction, and commands. Minimum Qualifications Must be U.

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Inmate Search Enter Inmate's booking number to go directly to inmate information. MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE cannot represent that the information is Address: West Jackson, Phoenix Arizona , United States. Jail Info. Custody Services. Inmate Account Deposits · Inmate Information · Inmate Telephone System District Offices Traffic Accident/Incident Reports · Arizona Game and Fish · Arizona Boating Laws · Community Crime Reporting.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Relevant laws, rules, and regulations about law enforcement; County geography; Relevant laws, rules, and regulations about the civil process; Preparing and maintaining records and reports; Effectively and safely handle and discharge a firearm; Follow written and verbal instructions; communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Maricopa County Law Enforcement Jobs.

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Individuals, who have been proved guilty of a sex-related crime, are termed as sex offenders. Sex-related crimes are rape, prostitution, sexual assault, child pornography, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse.

Sex Offender Search. Bail is money or property that is deposited to the court by a defendant who is in custody and charged. The amount and type of bail are decided by the judge at the first court appearance. Excluding murder and certain violent felonies, a judge sets the amount of bail to give the accused person enough incentive to return willingly to the rest of his or her court obligations.

A defendant who has been arrested for a crime will usually be held in custody until some form of bail has been posted. Otherwise they wait in jail. Contact a bail bondsman if you do not have enough money to post bail yourself and to get more information on the bail process. Be prepared to pay a fee for the use of their services.

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Funds can be deposited online by visiting the TouchPay website. The in-custody defendants appear by remote videoconferencing equipment from a jail facility to reduce the number of inmate transports. During this proceeding, defendants enter a "not guilty" plea to pending charges and receive the next court date and location. Determination is also made as to the need for indigent representation.

A defendant usually will meet the lawyer assigned to their case for the first time during this proceeding. The prosecutor can present witnesses and evidence at the hearing.

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The judicial officer's job is to decide if there is enough evidence to show two things: That the crime charged occurred That the defendant is probably the person who committed the crime If the commissioner finds that there is not sufficient evidence to believe that the crime occurred or to demonstrate that the defendant probably was the person who committed the crime, the case will be dismissed. If the commissioner is convinced that there is sufficient evidence to believe those two points, the case will be set for an Initial Pretrial Conference IPTC.

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All Rights Reserved. In , The East Valley Tribune ran a series of articles that criticized the Maricopa County sheriff for a decline in normal police protection due to an increased focus towards arresting illegal immigrants. Officers took Agster to the Madison Street jail, placed a spit hood over his face and strapped him to the chair, where he had an apparent seizure and lost consciousness. Best of all, if you don't see the answer to the question you are looking for, you can ask our community who will quickly answer any questions you may have. Find sex offenders in your area of Arizona.

The court will ensure that both the prosecutor and defense attorney have been assigned and that initial discovery has been provided, including a police report. The court may order that additional information, or discovery, be provided.

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Additionally, the court will set a trial date and may set other pretrial hearings. If the county attorney has extended a plea offer to settle the case, a defendant may enter the plea agreement at this court setting.

If a plea is entered, the Court will set another court date for sentencing. Pretrial Management Conference A Pretrial Management Conference PTMC is set approximately four weeks before trial and the counsel who will actually try the case shall appear in person at the conference.

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Police Reports Police reports are produced and maintained by each law enforcement agency. Generally reports will be provided to defense counsel at the Preliminary Hearing or Initial Pretrial Conference. Friends and family members are not entitled to copies of police reports from defense counsel.

If a client requests that a copy be provided to a friend or family member an attorney may, but is not required to, provide a copy.