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Affect an arrest, forcibly if necessary using handcuffs and other restraints; Subdue resisting subjects using hands and feet while employing defensive tactic; maneuvers or approved non-lethal weapons and pursue fleeing suspects on foot both day and night in unfamiliar terrain. Climb over obstacles; climb through openings; Conduct searches of buildings and large outdoor areas which may involve walking and standing for long periods of time.

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Perform tasks which require lifting, carrying or dragging people or heavy objects while performing arrest; rescue or general patrol functions. Also may include the seizure or impound of property and evidence Communicate verbally and efficiently by listening to people and by giving information, direction, and commands. Minimum Qualifications Must be U.

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Inmate Search Enter Inmate's booking number to go directly to inmate information. MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE cannot represent that the information is Address: West Jackson, Phoenix Arizona , United States. Jail Info. Custody Services. Inmate Account Deposits · Inmate Information · Inmate Telephone System District Offices Traffic Accident/Incident Reports · Arizona Game and Fish · Arizona Boating Laws · Community Crime Reporting.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Relevant laws, rules, and regulations about law enforcement; County geography; Relevant laws, rules, and regulations about the civil process; Preparing and maintaining records and reports; Effectively and safely handle and discharge a firearm; Follow written and verbal instructions; communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Maricopa County Law Enforcement Jobs.

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Individuals, who have been proved guilty of a sex-related crime, are termed as sex offenders. Sex-related crimes are rape, prostitution, sexual assault, child pornography, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse.