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Gerry P. My beautiful gentle boy is available for stud, he has the most gentlest nature.

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He loves all dogs, people and children everyone!! He is also a very good guard dog protecting.

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Stud Dogs Rottweiler Mansfield. Vonnbela Rottweilers. My beautiful boy is available for stud, he has the most gentlest nature around everyone.

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He loves all dogs, people and children, he is also a very good guard dog protecting his family. Sire is Scorpion of Sanny Hill.

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Rottweiler imp-bel Ely, Cambridgeshire. Stud Dogs Rottweiler Ely. Icepack gsd. Hi this is bronson who is lovely nature he is 3, gets on with his job no messing about even with the stubborn ladys just stands still on his own till jobs done, no problem with hips or eyes, wormed flead and injections upto date.

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Hes kc reg but i dont have papers I offer 2 meetings whi. Stud Dogs Rottweiler Barnsley. If your looking to adopt or buy a Rottweiler. Please read our Rottweiler breed buying advice page first, or try our useful Dog Breed Selector to find the perfect dog breed. Read our Rottweiler breed advice or use our Dog Breed Selector to find the perfect dog breed. Read More. Dog Breed Selector. Breed Selector.

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Rottweiler Stud Dogs. likes ยท talking about this. We only cater to ethical breeders who are looking for a top quality website to promote the. The only person who will breed to an untitled, untested stud owned by an unknown . I get the feeling that you are looking at the dog as an extension of yourself.

Beautiful Rottweiler boy available for stud. Lifetime phone consultation on all puppies sold. A puppy can be an excellent addition to any household. The right puppy, when paired with a loving owner, can make a wonderful family member that will help add company and warm to any home. If you are considering buying a Rottweiler puppy, contact VG Rottweilers. At VG Rottweilers we offer German Rottweiler puppies for sale to all areas of the country and abroad. Our puppies are raised by hand at home in our Missouri home in a loving household where they are carefully natured, gently played with and guided as they grow up in a safe environment.

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Here is a sampling of what might be seen:. The owners of stud dogs will usually be required to be experienced and will often: Provide a stud dog contract Supervise the actual mating Know how to handle the bitch to ensure mating Ensure the dogs are safe after they tie and that neither dog is hurt or injured Assist or advise if the bitch shows little interest in mating Be available to give advice to the owner of the bitch on whelping or puppy care Be willing to help with any problems with the puppies, i. All rights reserved. If you would like to meet Kaiser please call to set up a time. You should also check for osteosarcoma which is a bone cancer common in Rottweiler dogs. Then, focus on health concerns to be aware of when breeding Rottweilers.

We aim to bring up puppies that will be ideal for any dog lover. Here at VG Rotweilers, we recognize that people and puppies are individuals. Our aim is to match the right puppy with the right person. We know that our customers want great German genetics, dogs with big heads, pleasant and amenable temperaments and animals that have protective instincts. We know our customers are looking for an overall wonderful family pet or companion. We want to provide them with the puppy that will fulfill all of their needs. Our Guarantee. We offer animals for sale that have been extensively tested.

We temperament test all puppies carefully before we place them in their new homes. This kind of thoughtful testing ensures that the puppy will have the proper placement to the family and will meet an individuals needs. We also provide any potential owners with a unique guarantee that is rarely provided by most breeders. We provide an unheard of five year guarantee.

Rottweiler Dog Breed Information

This means that we guarantee that our puppies will be covered for genetic and inherited health issues for five years. We also offer all of our buyers lifetime breeder support by phone and email. Buyers can contact us directly about any issues they have after bringing one of our puppies into there home, interaction with all family members, teaching the puppies to obey simple commands and any behavioral situations that come up, Such as chewing, biting and unwanted issues.

Additional Services. At VG Rottweilers we offer several services as well as puppies for sale. Many times we offer youth dogs for sale that make ideal companions for those who prefer a slightly older dog. A youth dog can make an excellent companion animal for someone who prefers to adopt an older animal that can be easier to work with than a puppy.

We also work to help improve the Rottweiler breed. As a result, we offer stud service for carefully screened dogs.

Someone seeking our stud services will know that we offer only the finest animals for breeding stock. When you work with us, you are getting a proven stud animal that as been shown to sire the finest possible Rottweiler puppies. We also ship frozen semen all over the country. You can buy our frozen semen to help breed your own fine quality Rottweiler puppies. Our puppies are available locally. They can also be shipped worldwide to any location you have in mind. How we got Started. Ory Vom Grovatts.

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