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Information on how to run for a local elected office is available on the Running for Office page of this site.

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See the Mortgage Foreclosure Notice. The Village of Oswego has in place a Code of Ordinances that regulates what is allowed and required in the Village. The Village also approves ordinances for local government including budget approval, variances, amendments, annexation of property, development plans, and disposal of Village-owned property. The complete Code of Ordinances can be found here.

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It can also be found on the home page of the Village's website by clicking on "Municipal Codes," located under the Popular Links section. How to open a Business in Oswego. Address Change Request Form. All businesses, including those operating from a private residence, using any type of alarm system within the Village of Oswego shall register annually to operate said alarm system. Alarm systems used at a private residence where no business is also operated shall not be registered.

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Though not subject to registration, residential alarm systems are subject to the penalties for false alarms contained in Section Businesses subject to registration and operating an alarm shall register as part of its annual business registration. No person shall operate, maintain or conduct a billiard, pool, bagatelle or pigeonhole table open to the public without having first obtained a license. No person shall advertise, offer, engage in, conduct or carry on, or permit to be advertised, offered, engaged in, conducted or carried on, bodywork services in any establishment, or provide bodywork in return for compensation in any establishment in the Village without first having obtained a bodywork establishment license issued by the Village pursuant to the provisions of this chapter for each and every premises used for conducting or providing bodywork services for compensation.

No person shall provide or permit another person to provide massage therapy or massage services for compensation in any capacity in the Village of Oswego unless the person providing the massage therapy or massage services is a licensed massage therapist or demonstrates with appropriate proof that he or she is exempt from the Act. Exemptions from licensing and fees can be found under of Village Code.

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The term for licenses issued under this chapter is for one year beginning January 1, and ending on December 31, and the licenses must be renewed each year. The initial license fee and the annual license renewal fee for a bodywork establishment license are as follows:. All licensed premises shall be periodically inspected by a duly authorized representative of the Village for safety of the structure and adequacy of plumbing, ventilation, heating, illumination and fire protection.

In the case of an initial application for bodywork establishment license, the Building Commissioner or designee shall inspect the premises to assure that the proposed operation complies with all applicable laws, including the Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Health, Housing, Zoning, and Fire Codes of the Village, and any other regulations of the Village relating to the public health, safety and welfare.

Please refer to Village code regarding the display of licenses; registration and regulation of employees; restriction of licenses; enforcement; revocation and penalties.

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Copy Requests. Such temporary permit shall be issued only to:. In the case of an initial application for bodywork establishment license, the Building Commissioner or designee shall inspect the premises to assure that the proposed operation complies with all applicable laws, including the Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Health, Housing, Zoning, and Fire Codes of the Village, and any other regulations of the Village relating to the public health, safety and welfare. Issue printed instructions, rules and procedures agreed upon at the annual meetings, to be used by assessors and taxpayers alike.. They include: evictions, debt collection, small claims, personal injury cases and medical malpractice. Public Special Events Permit Application.

Application for Bodywork Establishment License. Renewal Application for Bodywork Establishment License. All persons conducting any type of business within the village shall register annually to operate said business. The word "person" means any individual person, firm, corporation, partnership or association which operates or maintains any type business within the village.

Any application for registration to conduct a family daycare home, group daycare home or daycare center shall be accompanied by a license issued by the state for the operation of such business. Business and Alarm Registration and Renewal Application. It shall be unlawful for any person to distribute, sell, lease, have, keep for use or suffer to permit to be used, any amusement device without first obtaining a license. It shall include, but not be limited to, such devices as marble machines, pinball machines, skill ball, mechanical grab machines, pistol ranges, baseball games, basketball games, dart games, bowling games, tennis games or any electronic devices utilizing a television-like screen and any and all devices referred to as arcade equipment and all other games, operations and tables, similar to under whatever name may be indicated.

The term amusement devices shall not include mechanical devices commonly known as kiddie rides designed for child amusement or music machines.

Illinois Public Records

The village shall issue a license authorizing the keeping, conducting or operating of a billiard table, pool table, pinball machines or other coin-operated devices as described above. This license fee shall be waived for any not-for-profit corporation that has obtained a state gaming license from the state. It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to operate a farmers market without first having obtained a special event permit. Each application should include a site plan designating the exact location of the farmers market on the site and the location of any garbage receptacles, washroom facilities, parking areas, and any permanent structures.

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Online Court Records. **For Any Child Support Balances Call **. *** Best if viewed in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.***. View Court Case. All records, except those impounded by statute or order of the court are open to appeal denied, Ill. 2d ; also see Illinois Attorney General Opinion No.

Farmers markets may take place on a weekly basis for the period extending from April 1 to October 31, of the same calendar year. Uses permitted include:. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, co-partnership or corporation to knowingly possess, offer for sale, expose for sale, sell at retail or use or explode any display fireworks, flame effects or consumer fireworks.

Each applicant for a pyrotechnic display permit shall submit a completed application form at least fifteen 15 days in advance of the date of the pyrotechnic display.

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All pyrotechnic displays require the services of a licensed lead pyrotechnic operator and a licensed pyrotechnic distributor. A licensed lead pyrotechnic operator shall be present during any pyrotechnic display and shall personally supervise all assistants, including all phases of the pyrotechnic display. The lead pyrotechnic operator must be in possession of and able to produce his or her license upon request at all times during the delivery, setup and performance of the display. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale at retail in the corporate limits of the village any alcoholic liquor without having a retailer's license issued by both the village and the state of Illinois.

The application fee shall include fingerprinting for the first person named in an application. All licenses issued shall be from May 1 to April All license fees shall be effective for fiscal year beginning May 1 and the first installment for renewal licenses shall be paid by April Every licensee shall cause his license or licenses to be framed and hung in plain view in a conspicuous place on the licensed premises. Listed below are companies or regiments that were formed from men of Kendall County.

Family History Centers provide one-on-one assistance and free access to premium genealogical websites. In addition, many centers have free how-to genealogy classes. Their goal is to provide resources to assist you in the research and study of your genealogy. You may search your address for a center near you on the FamilySearch site. The following centers are located in surrounding counties.

Their wiki pages may supply hours and other information. The seven Regional Depositories are housed on state university campuses scattered throughout Illinois. Learn more about finding and using their records. See also How to order Illinois Vital Records or order electronically online. Vital records consist of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Original birth and death certificates recorded until the year are kept by the Kendall County Clerk while those recorded after are kept by the Illinois Department of Public Health with a copy to the County Clerk.

Illinois Public Records

Original marriage records are usually kept by the County Clerk from the establishment of the county to the present. Original divorce records are generally in the office of the Circuit Court Clerk. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki. United States. Kendall County. Draper, Utah: Everton Pub.

Provo, Utah: Ancestry, , Navigation menu Personal tools English. Namespaces Page Talk. Views Read View source View history. Research Wiki. This page was last edited on 2 October , at This page has been viewed 1, times via redirect Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Kendall County , Illinois. Location of Illinois in the U.