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As a blind or low-vision person, whenever you need visual assistance, our volunteers are happy to help. Through the live video call, you and a volunteer can communicate directly and solve a problem. The volunteer will help guide which direction to point your camera, what to focus on or when to turn on your torch.

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Today, it's easier than ever before to find people on the internet with these people search How to Search People for Free on the Internet. Find people, addresses & phone numbers for free using ZabaSearch's database of public information. Use our reverse phone lookup to find out who's calling.

As a sighted volunteer you can help just by installing the Be My Eyes app. A blind or a low-vision user may need help with anything from checking expiry dates, distinguishing colors, reading instructions or navigating new surroundings.

How to Search People for Free on the Internet

Help us make our app accessible for more people in their native language. Getting started is easy and straightforward.

'It's digital colonialism': how Facebook's free internet service has failed its users

Helping through Be My Eyes is easy. Invite your friends, family or colleagues.

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Bringing sight to blind and low-vision people Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call. Download for iOS Download for Android.

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To deliver the service, which is now active in 65 countries, Facebook partners with local mobile operators. Each version is localized, offering a slightly different set of up to sites and services.

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There are no other social networking sites apart from Facebook and no email provider. Alongside them are country-specific offerings, but their presence is determined by which companies have adapted their code to meet the requirements of the Free Basics platform, rather than those that meet local needs. Bizarrely, the same app also offers two Nigerian websites and a regional news outlet for Argentina.

Free Basics is also restricted in terms of language. Kenyan users can choose an interface in English or Kiswahili, but most of the services are offered in English only. In Ghana, everything is in English, even though other languages, such as Twi and Hausa, are widely spoken. When a user tries to access information outside of the tiny walled garden, a pop-up appears urging them to buy more data.

For example, although Free Basics includes access to the Bing search engine and will show snippets of listings for free, reading any of the results of the search requires payment. It was these concerns, along with accusations of cultural imperialism, that scuppered the Free Basics launch in India a move that led the Facebook board member Marc Andreessen to angrily tweet remarks that implied support for British colonialism. Facebook has a responsibility to its investors and that is being served by getting more eyeballs on its site, to lure users.