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Black Mold in W.Va. Prison Prompts Inmate Relocation

The board may grant parole contingently, effective upon successful completion of the assigned task or tasks, without the need for a further hearing.

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Offender's Incarcerated Number. View rehabilitation programs to help inmates with educational, emotional and social growth. It stars Robert Mitchum and Shelley Winters. Eye Color. The Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. All visits are monitored and recorded.

Progress reports of outpatient treatment are to be made at least every six months to the parole officer supervising the parolee. In addition, in such cases, the Parole Board shall inform the prosecuting attorney of the county in which the person was convicted of the parole hearing and shall request that the prosecuting attorney inform the Parole Board of the circumstances surrounding a conviction or plea of guilty, plea bargaining and other background information that might be useful in its deliberations.

The panel shall reach its own written conclusions as to the desirability of releasing the inmate on parole and the majority of the panel considering the release must concur in the decision. The warden or superintendent shall furnish all necessary assistance and cooperate to the fullest extent with the Parole Board.

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All information, records and reports received by the Parole Board shall be kept on permanent file. Enter Search Terms. Powers and duties of board; eligibility for parole; procedure for granting parole.

D The amendments to this subsection adopted in the year i Apply to all applicable offenses occurring on or after August 1 of that year; ii Apply with respect to the contents of any indictment or presentment returned on or after August 1 of that year irrespective of when the offense occurred; iii Apply with respect to the submission of a special interrogatory to the jury and the finding to be made thereon in any case submitted to the jury on or after August 1 of that year or to the requisite findings of the court upon a plea of guilty or in any case tried without a jury: Provided, That the state gives notice in writing of its intent to seek such finding by the jury or court, as the case may be.

The notice shall state with particularity the grounds upon which the finding will be sought as fully as the grounds are otherwise required to be stated in an indictment, unless the grounds upon which the finding will be sought are alleged in the indictment or presentment upon which the matter is being tried; iv Does not apply with respect to cases not affected by the amendments and in those cases the prior provisions of this section apply and are construed without reference to the amendments; and v Insofar as the amendments relate to mandatory sentences restricting the eligibility for parole, all matters requiring a mandatory sentence shall be proved beyond a reasonable doubt in all cases tried by the jury or the court.

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West Virginia Prison (DOC) Arrest Records for Inmate Richard William Zimmerman

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Story highlights The inmate had at least a hour head start on police He is considered to be armed and dangerous. Todd Wayne Boyes, 44, was able to get his hands on khaki pants and a dark green or gray zip-up jacket, and walked out of the South Central Regional Jail in Charleston, West Virginia, just before 6 a.

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But it wasn't until 7 p. Thursday that jail staff realized Boyes was missing.

In that time, according to the statement, there had been three formal inmate head counts, and two informal counts overnight. When jail staff reviewed the footage from the facility's security cameras, they discovered he'd left the previous morning. Previously, in Ohio, Boyes had a history of carjacking people at gunpoint, said Sgt.

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Leslie T. Inmates at Salem Correctional Center can participate in religious worship services offered through the chaplains office. This facility also provides work crews that provide labor to various agencies throughout the area. The visitation hours for Salem Correctional Center are currently unknown, contact the facility at the telephone number provided for the current schedule.

I served time in the cruelest Jail in West Virginia: Western Regional Jail

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